Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Prof. S.N. Palod

Head of Dept. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

A warm welcome to Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

The Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is a most dynamically changing and ever evolving branch since last more than 100 years. Electronics is the foundation on which Information Technology and Computer Engineering has grown. All high speed networks and computers work on the hardware designed by an electronic engineers. The vision of the department is to satisfy the need of the industry and research organizations by producing informative and committed engineers.

I am confident that the staff members and students would satisfy the responsibility and credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in their respective domains

About the Department

Established in 1999, the department has always remained on the forefront in producing quality engineers who have brought great laurels to the institute, society and nation at large. The department has taken development as a continuous process and assured this through its mission. The department has blend of senior, young and dynamic staff. The department offers excellent infrastructure and resources in the form of knowledgeable faculty, well equipped laboratories and a library having a vast collection of informative books. A platform for the students and staff to visit industries located not only in and around Nagpur but also at places like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahemdabad,Goa Jaipur. The department has gained the distinction of producing merit holders with students appearing among the top ten University rankers. A forum called ‘SPARK’ has been set up by the department which provides a platform to the students and staff to showcase their talent through various technical, curricular and co-curricular activities.


Prof. S.N. Palod

Head of Dept. (ETC)

Associate Professor

B.E.(ETC),M.E.(EN), Ph.D.(Pursuing)

Experience : 22 Years

Y.G Mul

Prof. Y.G. Mul

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ECE), M.Tech (EN)

Experience :   18  Years


Prof. S.V. Umale

Associate Professor

B.E.(ETC), M.Tech (ETC).

Experience : 9 Years


Prof. S. N. Sheikh

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (VLSI).

Experience :   8 Years

Prithvi Chawla

Prof. P.A. Gawarle

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (VLSI).

Experience : 8 Years

Chandrapal Raut

Prof. C.D. Raut

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (ECE).

Experience : 8 Years

Geetanjali Jichkar

Prof. G.A. Jichkar

Assistant Professor

B.E. (EC), M.E. (ETC).

Experience : 7 Years

Mrunal Dhande

Prof. M. Dhande

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech.(ETC).

Experience : 6  Years


Prof. S.A. Sheikh

Assistant Professor

B.E. (EN), M.Tech (D.Com)

Experience : 5 Years


Prof. S.R. Gupta

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (ECE)

Experience : 4 Years


Prof. S.L. Thakur

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (EN)

Experience : 4 Years

Gaurav Rahule

Prof. G. Rahule

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (ECE)

Experience : 4 Years


Prof. A.R. Arora

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (ECE)

Experience : 3 Years


Prof. N.M. Bajpai

Assistant Professor

B.E. (ETC), M.Tech (VLSI)

Experience : 3 Years

Prof. A.N.  Sakhre

Assistant Professor

B.E. (EN), M.Tech (ECE)

Experience : 2 Years

Sr. NoName of FacultyPortfolio
1Prof. Y.G. MulAcademic Monitoring
2Prof. S.V. UmaleFaculty Feedback
2Prof. S.N. SheikhForum Incharge
3Prof. P.S. ChawlaGuest Lectures & Workshop
4Prog. G.A. JichkarDepartmental Library
5Prof. N.M. BajpaiTour Incharge
6Prof. M. G. DhandeProject Incharge
7Prof. C.D. RautSessional Incharge

Pride of Department

Batch Name Percentage University rank
2003 Akansha Khandelwal 78.33%                   I
2004 Madhuri Birole 79.57%  
2005 Manish Daswani 79.33%  
2006 Shabul Sheikh 87.46%  
2006 Mini Modh    
2009 Poonam Maidamwar 78.28%  
2008 Gaurav Chabaria 83.86%  
2010 Mrunali Dhande 83.00%
2010 Preeti Lawhale    
2011 Rupali Lokhande 78.2%                   IV
2011 Lipika Sarkar 83.33%                     I
2011 Adbhut Singh 75.02%                  XI
2012 Rohit Thakurwar 73%
2012 Nakul Chawla 72%
2013 Sheetal Gaidhane 81%                  I
2013 Shrividya Pothuri 78.15%