First Year

Prof. B.H. Ganthade

First Year Incharge

The First-Year department of the Smt. Radhikatai Pandav College of Engineering is the entry point for all beginning engineering students. The mission of this student-oriented program is to advise, prepare, and retain outstanding students for degree programs.


About the Department

Applied Science is a bridge that connects Pure Science with engineering practices. It aims to provide a strong foundation for students of engineering and is one of the indispensable departments of the institute. Chemistry and Physics, along with Advanced Engineering Materials, Mathematics, and Communication skills, Humanities, and Entrepreneurship Development are taught at the undergraduate level. The Department has well equipped laboratories which enable faculty and students to employ fundamental principles to create innovative new technologies. These novel solutions are then handed off to engineering disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address important problems. Guidance and counseling sessions are provided to the students by the college.Our students have shown excellent results in academics, sports, cultural, co-curricular events under the guidance of highly qualified, experienced, promising and co-operative staff members. Smt. Radhikatai Pandav College of Engineerinng has rapidly gained the reputation amongst the top Engineering Colleges of Maharashtra within a short span of 15 years only.All the staff members of Smt. Radhikatai Pandav College of Engineering   are deeply committed for the improvement and betterment of F.E. students.In line with the Sanmarg Shikshan Sanstha’s policy of multidisciplinary approach in engineering education, beside academic activities, extra-curricular activities and guest lectures on para-engineering topics are also organized to promote multidimensional creativity amongst the budding engineers of the future.

Prof. B.H. Ganthade

Head of Dept. (Mathematics)

Associate Professor

M.Sc(Maths), B.Ed 

Experience : 26  Years

Prof. D.F. Shastrakar

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed

Experience :   18  Years

Dr. M.N. Girya

Associate Professor

Ph.D, M.Sc (Physics), P.G.D.N.T, P.G.D.C.S & A, B.Ed.

Experience : 22 Years

Prof. M. Palod

Assistant Professor

M.Sc (Maths) .

Experience :   6 Years

Prof. D. Karangale

Assistant Professor

M.P.Ed, M.Phill, Ph.D(Pursuing).

Experience : 5 Years

Prof. R. Mahadule

Assistant Professor

Ph.D, (Physics), P.G.D.N.T.

Experience : 5 Years

Dr. P. Deshmukh

Assistant Professor

Ph.D, M.Sc (Chemestry).

Experience : 5 Years

Prof. M. Janbandhu

Assistant Professor (Stat.), (Maths).

Experience : 6  Years

Prof. S. Aich

Assistant Professor

B.E. (EN), M.Tech (D.Com)

Experience : 5 Years

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