Mechanical Engineering

Prof. A.H. Ingle

Head of Dept. Mechanical Engineering

The department believes in bringing an attitudinal change in the students and to develop and maintain environment conductive to their learning and developing qualities and skills of the discipline which would facilitate them to face challenges of emerging trends of industry and society with confidence and perfection.

About the Department

The department was established in 1999, with a intake capacity of 60 students. From the session 2010, second shift with intake capacity of 60 students is permitted hence the intake capacity of our department is 120 per year.

Among all the branches of engineering, Mechanical Engineering department is the largest department of the institute both in terms of intake of students and the number of teaching staff.

Mechanical Engineering based on various principles of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, material science, mechanical engineer use these principles with various tools to design and analysis of industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, automobile, aeronautics, robotics, medical devices, weapons etc.

S. N. Name of Staff Qualification Designation Experience
1 Prof. A. H. Ingle M. Tech. (Ph.D.) Associate Professor & Head 19 Years
2 Prof. S. M. Mowade M. Tech. (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor 24 Years
3 Prof. R. C. Wadbudhe M. Tech. Assistant Professor 20 Years
4 Prof. N. P. Mungle M. Tech. (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor & W/S 08 Yrs+

06 Yrs (Ind)

5 Prof. S. S. Pawar M. Tech. Assistant Professor 08 Yrs+

03 Yrs (Ind)

6 Prof. S. T. Wankhede M. Tech. Assistant Professor 08 Yrs+

02 Yrs (Ind)

7 Prof. Pushparaj Jiwanapurkar M. Tech. Assistant Professor 1.6 Yrs+

01 Yrs (Ind)

8 Prof. Mohsin I. A. R. Sheikh M. Tech. Assistant Professor 1.6 Years
9 Prof. Ms. Shital A. Ghutake M. Tech. Assistant Professor 1.6 Years
10 Prof. Nishikant Z. Adkane M. Tech. Assistant Professor 1.6+ Years
11 Prof. Vaibhav D. Paliwal M. Tech.+MS (UK) Assistant Professor 4.6 Years

2.5 Yrs (Ind)

12 Prof. T. S. Mane M. Tech. Assistant Professor 1.6 Yrs
13 Prof. Ms. Krunali R. Charpe M. Tech. Assistant Professor 06 Months
14 Prof. Ms. Manisha Fande M. Tech. Assistant Professor 06 Months
15 Prof. Ms. Pornima Godbole M. Tech.* Assistant Professor 06 Months
16 Prof. Ambadas R. Menghare M. Tech.* Assistant Professor 5.6 Years
17 Prof. Rahul P. Khobragade M. Tech. Assistant Professor 2.6 Years
18 Prof. Vibhakar M. Vishnoi B.Sc.+B.E.+


Assistant Professor & EDC Co-ord & T&P Trainer 06 Months 39 Years (Ind)

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Result Analysis

Session Exam Semester Total No. of Students Appear Total No. of Students Pass Result in Percentage
2014 – 15

(Even Sem)

Summer–2015 B E-VIII Sem 93 79 84.94 %
Summer–2015 B E VI – Sem 102 59 57.84 %
Summer-2015 B E IV – Sem 133 31 23.31 %
2014 – 15

(Odd Sem)

Winter – 2014 B E – VII Sem 70 50 71.43 %
Winter – 2014 B E – V Sem 101 43 42.57 %
Winter – 2014 B E – III Sem 131 29 22.14 %