Aims of establishing central computing infrastructure is to provide computing and ineternet facilities to the complete campus and to support students in their project works. As a spin off facilities like data maintenance, CD making, hardware maintenance, computer networking related instructional and desktop publishing are being provided.


Our computer centre has 13 computer labs with 13nos. of branded hardware in each lab. All the labs are air conditioned. The server Room is equipped with two Xeon Dual Processor Servers. The Internet Connection in all the labs is provided through dedicated wireless lease link of 8 MBPS.

Each lab has on line UPS and additional backup facility is provided by the 250KVA Generator.


Servers I

Xeon based Intel Dual 2.4 GHz, processors, 2 GB of RAM, 80 GB SCSI HDD with five Hot Plug slots, 17 inch LCD Monitors, Intel make Server Board with 100/1000 LAN Connection.

Server II

Xeon x3210 2.13 GHz, processor, 2GB of RAM, 160 GB 7200 RPM Sata/300 with Hot Plug with 6 slots, 17 inch LCD Monitors, 52XDVD Writer, 1.44 MB FDD, Intel make Server Board with 100/1000 LAN Connection.


Branded Dell Optiplex 3020 Desktop PC (150 No.)

Optiplex 3020 MT Intel Pentium Processor G3250, 2 GB DDR-3 RAM, 1600 MHz (2 x 1GB) 500 GB Sata HDD Keyboard Optical Mouse 18.5” Dell Monitor.

Wipro Desktop Computer (120 No.)

Dual Core 3 Ghz, G-41 Chipset Motherboard, 2 GB DDR-3 RAM, 320 GB Hard Disk SATA, 18.5” TFT Monitor, 107 Keys Keyboard, Optical Mouse,

HCl Desktop PC  No. (180 No.)

Dual Core 2.5 Ghz, G-31 Chipset Motherboard 1GB DDR-2 RAM, 160 GB HDD SATA, 18.5” TFT Monitor, 107 Keys Keyboard, Optical Mouse


Dedicated Wireless leased link having speed of 8 MBPS. Router with 100 mbps. All labs connected to the server room with wired Network.

Functions/Services of Central Computing

  • Internet Facilities.
  • Student Project Support.
  • Support for seminar, symposia, presentation and various institute programs.
  • Maintenance and up gradation of all computer hardware to avoid obsolescence
  • Virus definition up gradation to protect data
  • Online ERP system to give the online 24*7 status of students through internet/IVRS/touch screen kiosk.


  • High speed Leased line internet (up to 8 MBPS) 1:1
  • Complete campus network Solution.
  • Fully Air Conditioned Labs.
  • 24 hour activated internet facilities.
  • Full load Generator Backup for the Labs as well as entire campus.
  • Total Institute level support against student’s intake 1:3:3.
  • Area Provided for Central computing facilities 124.76 Sqm

Central Facilities

Numbers of Text Books of references are available as per the AICTE norms.
E-Library concept.
Audio-Visual concept
Subscribed to National & International Journals
Magazines, Periodicals & Reports
Separate computing facility with Multimedia & Internet Connectivity.
Reprographic & Xerox facility.
Learning material resources.

Mission of Library:
To enhance knowledge and install a thirst for learning in our students, which will enable them to develop an integrated personality and motivate them to make a valuable contribution to the society in future. To facilitate students with literature around there syllabus and providing them all the material available on earth. We want our student to excel in the field of engineering and technology by exploring the world of Knowledge through books and the other electronic media like e-Library.

A spacious & well equipped library with latest Engineering Text Books, reference Books, National & International Journals & Periodicals. The library remains open from 9.00 A.M to 12.00 midnight. Library has a separate reading room. The library provides internet services, e-mail services, CD-ROM services and Audio-Video services. Library also offers photocopying services, current awareness and documentation services.

Ample stock of books related to each branch.
Mechanical Engineering: 3189
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering: 3873
Computer Engineering: 3124
Applied Science & Humanities Department: 3464
Masters in Computer Application: 623
Master of Business administration: 616

Reading Room:
The library has sitting capacity of 300 and it is always full of students during preparatory period and examinations. During this period Library is kept open 24 hours.

Book Bank:

  • Needy and SC/ST students are provided with a set of books as per the syllabus totally free of cost.
  • Established in the year 1999 and is spread over an area of 816 square meters.
  • Total books an Accession are 13651 while 1940 are titles.
  • Books bank system introduction for needy students in 2000 and has 3500 books.
  • SC/ST students get free books bank sets.
  • International and National Journals and Magazines subscribed are 28 and 42.
  • Photocopying facilities are available for staff and students.
  • Library is automated through Oracle 9i and VB 6 based software.
  • Library environment is conductive to acquire Knowledge and information through automation technical enhancement.
  • Books for competitive exams like IES, GATE, etc.
  • Reference C.D. like Encyclopedia etc
  • 2158 Reference books.
  • Bound volumes.
  • Internet facility.
  • Close circuit cameras on both the floors.

Library Automation
The library is currently being computerized. Latest computers with networking have been added. ‘softlib’, Library Automation software has been installed. With the facilities developed the staff and students have all the advantages of a modern computerized library, including the internet browsing.

Aim of the Central Workshops

Every student irrespective of his branch is taught the right ways of using various hand tools. Also, he gets familiar with the different processes to shape and size the work piece. When he moves from one section to another. It also helps to learn how to work in a group, and how to put forward his ideas, which the care of a healthy society.
Function of Workshop
It prepares students in practical aspects of mechanical engineering. It supports for their projects, maintenance job and assistance in functions of department & institute level program.

About Central Workshop

The workshop has six spacious shops namely.

  • Machine shop
  • Foundry & casting shop
  • Fitting shop
  • Carpentry & pattern making
  • Welding shop
  • Black-smithy shop.

Facilities at Central Workshop

All the shops are equipped with quality equipments and have well qualified & experienced staff to maintain the equipment and impart training to students.
Machine shop contains a number of general purpose machines including lathes, milling and shaping machines & special purpose machine such as Capstan and Turret.
Foundry & Casting shop contains pit furnace with blowers, anvils & molding tools.
Fitting shop contains fitting table with vieces, angles plate surface plate, magnetic V Blocks and calipers and height gange.
Carpentry shop contains variety of saws with wood lathe machines & Carpentry tools etc.
Welding shop contains oil cooled transformer and air cooled transformer with accessories also gas welding facility.
Black-smithy shop contains number of smith furnaces anvils, leg vice, number of hammers, swage blocks etc.

The college has one hostel each for boys and girls. The hostels are situated in environment of friendly atmosphere which helps to create a studious and healthy surrounding.

The hostellers are provided with the following facilities:

Recreation Room TV & Internet.
Water cooler
Newspaper & Magazines
Indoor games (gym at Boys Hostel)
Regular Medical Check up
Telephone & STD Facility
24 Hour Security

The college has very spacious and clean Canteen which provides hyginic and healthy food,where students can take a break and enjoy with friends.


  • Hygienic food at affordable rates.
  • Pure drinking water.
  • Spacious Capacity to accommodate 100 students at a time.
  • Separate arrangement for staff members.

Campus amenities :-

  • Girls & Boys Common rooms.
  • College Bus.
  • Purified drinking water.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Gym (at boys hostel).
  • Separate Lavatories for Boys & Girls on each floor.