T & P Deparrtment

There has been a paradigm shift in the way businesses and industry are meeting their HR needs. A few years back campus recruitment was unheard of except at IITS, IIMs and NITs. However with the impact of liberalization campus drives have become a preferred source of recruitment.

The role of T&P Department is not just to impart skills In aptitude development, group discussion and personal interview-the usual methods of screening, but to inculcate professional ethics within students and make them as per industry need, we at the T&P Department are in sync with the entire College, when we implement systems, processes and practices that endeavor to make future professionals.

  • Dr. Chetna Mehta – TPO : xxxx
List of Faculty Placement Coordinators:
Sr. No. Department Name of Faculty
       1 Mechanical Engineering Prof. ———-
       2 Electrical Engineering Prof. ————–
       3 Computer Engineering Prof. ——-
       4 Information Technology Prof. ——
 5 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Prof. ———